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Giulia Caruso learned to use watercolors in a dusty old art studio behind the main church in a small Italian medieval town. After painting countless wooden dummies, red lacquered teapots and cloth flowers she moved to Milan, where she discovered that living beings are far more rewarding.

After surviving a degree in Painting at the Brera Academy of fine arts, she found herself with bills to pay and paints to buy, so she spent almost ten years teaching drawing, watercolor and engraving at the Laboratorio Artistico of Milan.

She’s also has been the administrator of the Milan Urban Sketchers Official Regional Chapter.

She recently moved to Berlin, where she wants to open an Art Studio to offer people a place to learn and create, where she could share her knowledge and passion with them.

She firmly believes that art is the only thing that can keep us sane, that the human body is an amazing storytelling instrument and that its fascinating anatomical machine is always worth exploring.

She tries to act the intellectual artist, but she’s actually half a geek that spends much too much time online getting excited about books, tv series and k-pop and half a fit bro in disguise who loves lifting weights and brazilian jiu jitsu.

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