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Sketches Life drawing of a model on brown paper, in pencil and white paint. the model is sitting with her legs crossed, the white strokes are where the light touches the body. Giulia Caruso 2014 life drawing of a model laying on a box, made with graphite in soft chiaroscuro Giulia Caruso 2015 Detail of a black ink drawing of a foot and a hand. Giulia Caruso 2015 Line drawing of a model sitting with her head on her knee looking dreamy. Giulia Caruso 2015 Sketch of the dancer Roberto Bolle in fude pen ink strokes, in strong chiaroscuro. Giulia Caruso 2015


Sketching is the process of really looking at what or who is in front of me, a deep mindful observation of reality to understand how it works and what kind of story is telling.

It’s also a tool of learning, by noting down elements from the work of other artists.

I sketch during life drawing sessions, when I visit museums and everytime I find something that caughts my eye.

You can find more of my sketches here