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Watercolors watercolor life drawing of redhead model laying on a green cloth nude in warm yellows and greens with green drop Giulia Caruso 2014 Watercolors watercolor face of sleeping woman detail with black ink strokes Giulia Caruso 2014 Watercolors watercolor life drawing torso of a sitting man nude in brown shades Giulia Caruso 2015 watercolor life drawing sitting nude model with long hair in shades of blue with thin graphite line Giulia Caruso 2014


Watercolor was the first technique I learned when I was young. My master used to tell me: “Watercolor is the hardest, that’s why you have to start with it, then all the rest will comes easy”. Watercolor is MY technique. I’m mainly a watercolorist. And I love how you can’t change what you put on paper. How you have to learn how to think to paint something quickly and in the most efficient way.

It’s like doing Shodo calligraphy. The flow of the brush is everything.

You can find more of my watercolors here